Sponsoring A Child

We have people/groups that have been sponsoring children for the event for many years. Those people have first choice.

Send your email request to Phil Frye at info@eldridgetoryrun.com to be placed on the waiting list to be a sponsor. As people drop off the list Phil will go to the next person on the list. You can also contact DeWayne Guyton by email at guytondewayne@gmail.com or by calling 205/442-4974.

Below is the criteria that we ask of sponsors:

– We ask to label all gifts and place in a strong large bag. Please label the bag as well. If a gift is too large to bag make sure a name tag is securely attached (example: bicycle).

– Please try to pre-deliver gifts the week of the event so we’ll have the gifts at the home before that Saturday.

– We ask that the limit spent on each child to be held to around $300 so that no child gets their feeling hurt.

Also, please DO NOT send USED items. NEW ITEMS ONLY!

You will be provided a “needs” list and a “wants” list including sizes of shoes and clothes. Please buy the items for the “needs” list first. If your group has extra money designated to spend on this event please donate the remainder to the home. That helps to sustain the home throughout the year!

Your child will have a reserved table on one side of the stage for your group to sit with them. The child’s name will be on the table and the wall in the general table area.

Please make sure that someone from your group is there to be with your child so they aren’t sitting at their table alone. If that is not possible PLEASE let Phil know so he can arrange for someone to be with the child.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone! As always you support is very much appreciated!

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