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Our Scholarship Fund

Ron Melton

This fund was started in 2006 in honor and memory of Ron Melton. Ron had rode and supported this benefit in 2004-2005. Friends of Ron, through the MTF forum started the fund. In 2007, other memorials were made in honor of Paul Crump, Jr. as well as Ron, so the fund has grown to support the children after they graduate from high school in the form of scholarships.

The first two scholarships will be given in honor and memory of Ron Melton

Memorials to the Scholarship Fund can be made in honor or memory of your friend or family member.

Checks or payments should be made payable to Eldridge Children’s Home…in the For area, add Scholarship Fund. Please attach information to whom you are making the donation in honor or memory of and please add your name and address as well as the contact name and address of the person to whom we acknowledge that a memorial has been made.

Please mail your donations to the scholarship fund to:

ECH Scholarship Fund
c/o Eldridge Childrens’ Home
P.O. Box 73
Eldridge, AL35554

Please add or attach a note to whom the donation is made in honor or memory of along with an address for an acknowledgement.


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