Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a toy run or a benefit?

A: Both! “Toy Run” is associated with Christmas gifts and of course…motorcycles! In the past, we have seen hundreds of small toys and with the age ranges of the children, we thought, if we could fill a special wish list for each child, we could be certain those special items were taken care of and are there on the day of the event. We make every effort to make sure every child is included. Christmas is a great time for the home, they get a lot of toys and clothes from different groups, but with our event we offer a financial boost, the “Benefit” portion,  to sustain them, financially, all year long and promote awareness of the needs of the home.

Q: Who furnishes the item requested on the “special wish list”?

A: Benefit team members and groups from different communities go together and buy for a child. If you would like more information about filling a child’s list the day of the event click here!

Q: Can I bring a toy?

A: Yes, but we prefer you give cash or a check made payable to the Alabama Free Will Baptist Children’s Home. We ask that if you give a gift card, please bring your receipt or write on the card the dollar amount of the gift card.

Q: Why cash and checks instead of Toys?

A: The children (with the help of their house parents) fill out their own wish lists for the things that they need and want. As stated above, the benefit team members, as well as groups from different communities, fulfill these lists. It’s these cash and checks that will be used the entire year for the needs and travels of the children.

Q: Can I give a check?

A: Yes, Please make checks payable to Alabama Free Will Baptist Children’s Home, you can bring it with you or mail it to Eldridge Toy Run, P.O. Box 73, Eldridge, AL. 35554.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A: Yes, the home has a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, but check with your tax person to be sure.

Q: What is the cost of the lunch?

A: Free! The benefit team, with much help from sponsors, food vendors, churches and the community, provides the lunch. Thanks for being a part of the event.

Q: I don’t like to ride in a group; can I just ride in to be a part of the event?

A: Sure! We understand that not everyone has the same comfort level with riding in groups. Please try to time your arrival before 11:30 AM.

Q: Are members of the benefit team paid?

A: NO! We are all volunteers.

Q: How do I start a ride from my community or town?

A: Simple. Just notify us that you want to be a contact person for that community or town, be willing to accept email and attend our planning meetings for benefit team members.

Q: Why not have the event in warmer weather? 

A: Great question, but Christmas is the season for giving. Summer or Fall would be nice, but we all have plans for that time of year and it just wouldn’t be the same. Plus, this guarantees these children have a very memorable Christmastime.

Q: How do I contact the Benefit team? 

A: Email is best,

Q: Will bad weather or rain cause it be postponed?

A: NO! We will be there, rain or shine. If the weather is not good enough for you to ride your motorcycle or bring your antique or classic car then attend by whatever means necessary, but don’t miss the event.

Q: What is the scholarship fund?

A: The scholarship fund is money received and designated to give a scholarship to one of the home’s seniors that will be continuing their education. You can give to the scholarship fund in memory of someone or in honor of someone. Each year the scholarship is given in the name of one of those persons.

Q: Will you have merchandise for sale at the event?

A: Yes! We have special designed shirts, patches, year rockers, ornaments, medallions, and pins.

Q: What are the dates for next year’s event?

A: Did you really have to ask? The First Saturday in December, All Roads Lead To Eldridge!

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